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About Bluff Valley Farm

Welcome to Bluff Valley. Our story began in 2016 when Catherine and David purchased the farm after years of dreaming and planning. With the help of many friends, we began the long process of rejuvenating the land; cleaning up the property, putting in berms and swales to help manage the flow of water, planting perennials, and building farm infrastructure.


The vision is to steward this piece of land in a way that honors our guiding principles of permaculture and sustainability. Today we are proud to be certified organic and Real Organic Project certified, and to hold the Monarch Waystation designation as well as the MN Ag Water Quality certification. Now the farm is home to a thriving population of native pollinators, honey bees, migratory songbirds, fruit trees, hazelnuts, and an abundance of wildlife.


In 2019, Catherine focused her sights on growing ethical, sustainable flowers. The farm now produces over 80 different varieties of flowers from May through October. Between Catherine’s keen appetite for learning and our top-notch infrastructure, Bluff Valley is proud to offer exceptional blooms that are sure to brighten your special occasions or bring beauty to your everyday life.


Local Flowers Matter

In the world of cut flowers, choosing local and organic isn't just an aesthetic choice; it's a practical win for our buzzing friends. Chemical-free blooms create a safer space for essential pollinators like bees and butterflies, fostering biodiversity straight from your vase. Unlike conventional flowers, our organic blooms avoid the use of fungicides, prioritizing both biological health and the well-being of the workers tending to the flowers.

Buying local is also a grounded way to lessen our environmental impact. With fewer "flower miles" traveled, these blooms reduce the carbon emissions associated with the long-distance transportation of today’s global flower market.

The bonus? Local and organic flowers last longer, not just because of chemical-free cultivation, but also because of their freshness. Their extended vase life ensures superior quality, making this the best choice for pollinators, the environment, and the enduring beauty of your floral arrangements. It's a practical win-win for everyone.

Fellow Collaborators

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Dancing River Blooms provides recognition events with organic flowers locally grown by Bluff Valley Flower Farm. We "grow" your joy with our flower bars.

Dancing River Blooms.jpg

Bluff Valley Farm is also home to Dancing Gnome Farm, a certified organic vegetable farm providing fresh produce to CSA and farmers market customers in Hopkins and Wabasha, MN.

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